Friday, November 9, 2018

I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall

After her mom is killed in a car crash Jess has to live with her dad whom she hasn't seen in years.  When she arrives at the airport in Alaska, she is met by someone she doesn't know who then flies her into the Canadian wilderness where her dad is living off the grid in a tiny cabin.  Already grieving for her mom and dealing with her own injuries from the accident, Jess is not equipped to take on yet another challenge. And then things get even worse when men arrive and kill her father and burn down his cabin.  Now Jess has to survive with just her father's dog to help her and no hope of anyone else showing up to rescue her until spring.

I wanted to like this book and the adventure within but I just didn't get invested in the slow pace of it all and I didn't care much what happened to Jess.  It took me over a week to read which is a bad sign all by itself. I could appreciate how precarious Jess' survival was and marveled that humans ever managed to evolve given how delicate we are but I have the same reaction when I watch "Naked and Afraid" and that is over in about 45 minutes.  Eventually, though, I became tired of her struggles and finally completely done when she didn't follow through on something after all her prepping.  I might need to work on improving my attention span but there was not enough mystery to keep me riveted.

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