Friday, November 9, 2018

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade by Cheyanne Young

Raquel and her best friend Sasha have been preparing for Sasha's death from cancer for a long time.  Even though she knew Sasha was dying, Rocki is still devastated.  Then she gets a letter from Sasha telling her to go to the cemetery and to bring her laptop.  Once there Rocki meets a boy with the exact same piercing blue eyes as Sasha. Before she died Sasha tried to locate her biological parents and in the process she discovered her brother, Elijah.  Sasha refers to them as her "favorites" and promises that she will be sending them on adventures together so Elijah can get to know her even though she has died.  The one condition Sasha sets is that they cannot tell her adoptive parents about Elijah.  That's a condition that bothers Raquel because she knows Sasha's parents have lots of money while Elijah, who has aged out of foster care, is barely getting by.  Even though she's sure Mr. and Mrs. Cade would love to help out, she is determined to follow Sasha's request.  But she's not feeling as sure she will be able to follow another request:  not to get involved with Elijah.

I was promised a tear-jerker with this book but it didn't get to my cold, cold heart.  Sasha is an amazing friend and I wish I was the kind of person who would be thinking about everyone else's happiness if I were dying but I suspect I'm not.  I couldn't even cry during the many scenes that were obviously tailor-made for crying.  I"m not saying it's a bad book or that I didn't enjoy it at all, just that it wasn't the emotional read I expected.  Instead, it was a good story of friendship with some almost magical realism thrown in.  I wish that things weren't so pat in the back half of the book and I wish that Sasha's parents could've seen the light without Elijah getting into quite so much trouble, but I can still appreciate the happy ending.  Good, but not great.

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