Monday, December 31, 2018

The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles) by Amy Spalding

Abby has landed the internship of her dreams at local boutique Lemonberry. She is a huge fan of the retro look and the fact that their dresses are available in plus sizes as well so she can wear them and write about them on her popular fashion blog.  In fact, her social media skills are a big part of what landed her the internship which has led to jobs and free clothes for previous interns.  The promise of so many great things leads to a big shock when Abby finds out the owner has taken on two interns this summer.  The other girl is Jordi Perez, a girl Abby knows vaguely from school who is rumored to have spent time in juvie.  The two girls hit it off and before long Abby finds that she has more than "just friends" feelings for Jordi.  Even more surprising to Abby, Jordi feels the same.

In thinking about this post I was going to say that I enjoyed this book immensely but that there is nothing groundbreaking in terms of rom-com.  Then I shook myself back to reality with a reminder that the main character is a fat, queer girl who gets to have a romance that is not all about either of them struggling to come out so it IS pretty groundbreaking after all!  Now, Abby does have to do a bit of coming to terms with who she is as a fat girl, but I can love that too because no matter how body pos you are, you still live in society.  There are a few things I would've liked to be a little different - more resolution in the mother/daughter relationship, more time with her best friend, and a stronger focus on the new friendship with Jax because the "Best Burger" stuff doesn't seem like enough of the plot to warrant it's own title shout out - but, hey, I'm not gonna let that bring me down.  Because the rest of the book is just good with fun characters who love and support each other.  It is exactly what I wanted it to be both in terms of a fat character and a not-straight teen.  It ended my year of reading on a high note!

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