Friday, February 1, 2019

Just For Clicks by Kara McDowell

Claire and her twin sister Poppy are fashion vloggers on their way to becoming very famous.  They got their start thanks to their mom's very popular blog detailing their lives. Although they are the envy of teen girls everywhere, Claire doesn't love being in the spotlight and is looking forward to slipping away to college in about a year.  When she meets new guy Rafael she is excited to start a friendship with someone who doesn't seem to know her entire past.  Claire's plans for a normal life hit a stumbling block when the girls are offered their own reality TV show which is Poppy's dream.  And then even more pieces of her life come tumbling down when Claire discovers a devastating secret in her mom's private journals.

This book is mostly exactly what you'd think it would be both romance and story-wise except for all the stuff that is tackled and resolved quickly in the last few chapters.  Family fights and misunderstandings - check.  Possible romantic competition - check.  Sacrificing dreams due to unconditional love - check.  Getting over your attitude problem that is causing you to misread situations - check.  And more!  Of course I didn't go into this book looking for a downer so I wanted the happy ending to all of those stories, but maybe not so many stories and not so fast.  Claire's turnaround from disavowing her family to recognizing their worth happens in the blink of an eye and the thing that causes her to change her attitude is also revealed mighty fast.  I feel like that amount of crazy might not be revealed so quickly in real life. 

Despite those ending flaws, there are a few things I liked a lot about this book. 
1. Claire and Poppy's mom is sort of a stage mother but not in a bad way at all.  She totally cares about her daughters and it shows in how she treats them which is a great change from the portrayal of most parents in YA books.
2.  Rafael is a really nice guy and the romance progresses very slowly rather than with insta-love.  Most of their interactions in the book consist of them talking and asking questions of each other.  Like, actually getting to know each other! 
3.  The downside of being internet famous (probably famous in any way at all) is unflinchingly shown.  Of course it appears that these people have perfect lives but the online harassment and the work involved in maintaining that appearance is no joke.
4.  And speaking of work... It is made clear that you don't just get famous by writing a few entries and being discovered.  It's a fulltime job getting your name out there.  It's a good lesson for all those teens who are going to monetize their videos and get rich quick. 

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