Monday, February 25, 2019

The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes

Zane lives in New Mexico and has his own volcano nearby that he enjoys exploring with his dog Rosie.  He gets picked on at school because one of his legs is shorter than the other so he limps and walks with a cane.  When cute new girl Brooks shows up on his doorstep, Zane things he must've hit the lottery. But it turns out she is there to help him avoid a nasty prophecy.  Turns out that Zane is the son of a Mayan god and is destined to release an evil god from his volcano.  Zane is determined to NOT do that but prophecies have a way of coming true and he finds that he has to get more involved than expected when Rosie dies and he knows he will do anything to get her back from the underworld.

For a book filled with Mayan gods and shape-shifters and prophecies AND is recommended by Rick Riordan, I sure didn't like it very much.  :-(  In fact, I have to blame Riordan for my disappointment with this one.  His books are so filled with adventure and humor that others are trying to capture that same tone.  But Riordan's writing feels effortless and the characters just are funny or sarcastic.  In comparison, I was very aware of the writing process in this book and how the author was working to add humor to the book rather than having it there organically.  I did enjoy Rosie when we finally re-encounter her, but most of the rest of the story felt frenetic and forced.

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