Monday, February 25, 2019

This Lie Will Kill You by Chelsea Pitcher

When Juniper receives an invitation to a mystery party that promises the opportunity to win a 50K scholarship, she is suspicious.  Even more so because the party takes place on the anniversary of a party where someone died and for which Juniper feels some responsibility.  But she finds herself unable to turn down the possibility of the scholarship and agrees to go.  Once there, she finds that the attendees are all other people who share some of the guilt for Shane's death and it becomes clear very quickly that someone has arranged this night to find out what happened a year ago and make those responsible pay for the death.

One description I read of this book likened it to I Know What You Did Last Summer.  I spent lots of my teen years reading and re-reading everything ever written by Lois Duncan so I jumped onboard immediately, pushing aside other books on my "to read" pile.  What a waste of my time, spending those two days reading this instead of other things.  With a third of the book to go I was just taking time to read it so I could get it done.  None of the characters interested me at all and they were all charicatures, including the dead guy and his weird sister.  It was very clear who was the real villain in this whole scenario almost right from the start and we were never presented with any redeeming qualities at all.  And then at the point when "The Ringmaster" was finally revealed, the events happening at the house became muddy - I thought one person was getting away and being replaced by a doll but now I think she was actually killed...?  Maybe?  Then again, I didn't really care.  Nor did I care whether she was rescued by Juniper.  Such a big disappointment, but proved to myself that I don't just love every mystery I read.  So there's that.

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