Friday, March 8, 2019

A Story About Cancer With a Happy Ending by India Desjardins

As a girl is on her way to an important doctor's appointment she recounts her battle with leukemia.  She has been fighting it for years and has seen a close friend die from it.  She has struggled with people understanding and dealing with the side effects of her disease but she has also found a boyfriend she loves.  Although she is dealing with the uncertainty of what she'll hear, we know that the end is happy.  But just because the ending is happy, that doesn't mean the journey is.

I really liked this book in its simplicity.  It is short in length and the girl's story is told concisely.  But I still  felt the emotion of her years of treatment in the text, but especially in the illustrations which are evocative.  And I was still emotional at the end even with the promised happy ending.

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